Driving lessons in English available in Selfoss and Reykjavík.

Driver training can start once the student driver turns 16. Once you have chosen your driving instructor you will need to apply for a driving license to Sýslumaður. Once the application has been completed, and all documents handed in, Sýslumaður will issue a study permit. At that point, the driver training can start.

To apply, you must hand in:

a) Online application for a driving license
(click here)
b) Documents (the student driver must bring this to Sýslumaður’s office):

  • Passport photo (35 x 45 mm)
  • Eyesight certificate and/or health certificate (if needed, see instructions in online application)
  • Student driver must show up to the office to give their signature.

Sýslumaður will NOT issue a permit based on the online application alone. You WILL need to hand in a passport photo, signature and (if applicable) a health and/or eye certificate in order of the permit to be issued. It’s also worth emphasising that it is illegal for driving instructors to start teaching before the permit has been issued.


The process of driver training:


Driver training is an investment in road safety. Most student drivers will end up using their driving licenses for 50-70 years, or even longer.
(Prices below are from February 2024.)

Driving lessons

Each 45 minute lesson from Elín costs  ISK 14000.

According to regulation, minimum number of lessons is 15.

= from ISK 210000.

Driving schools

In Driving schools 1 and 2, the student driver learns the theory part of their training. Driving school 3 is a mix of theory and practical training.

Driving school 1: ISK 9900-13500.
Driving school 2: ISK 8900-13500.
Driving school 3: ISK 49500.

= from ISK 68300.

Other cost

Driving license application: ISK 4300.

Text book: ISK 1990-4900.

Test fee, theory: ISK 6550. 
Test fee, practical: ISK 17370.

Vehicle rental for practical test: ISK 12000.

= from 42210.

Apply for first license

 Click here

Accompanied driving

 Click here

Digital driving license

 Click here

Permanent license

 Click here

The driving instructor

Elín is a certified driving instructor in Árborg (south of Iceland). Lessons take place in Selfoss or the capital area.​

Apart from experience in educating and leading young people through Scouting, recreational centres, school camps, outdoor leadership and more, Elín also has a considerable experience in driving in Iceland, including as a Search & Rescue driver in difficult conditions and test driving vehicles for media outlets.

Contact Elín today to start your driving lessons.

The vehicle used for driving lessons is a Kia Sportage,
All wheel drive, manual shift.

Re-doing your license

Provisional license – driving ban or suspension:

Special driving course
Theory test
• Practical test

Permanent license – suspension:
For less then 12 months: Collect your license from the District Commissionar’s office after the suspension period is over.
For more than 12 months: Special driving course + Theory test + Practical test.
For more than 3 years: Apply to get your license back, after 3 years.
Suspension for life: Apply to get your license back, after 5 years.

If you need assistance to get your license back:
Start by completing the Special driving course and the Theory test.
Then get in touch. We’ll book a test time and do a 60 minute driving lesson as a refresher for the test.

Cost (for assistance with re-taking the practical driving test): 
60 minute refresher lesson: ISK 18000.
• Vehicle rental for practical test: ISK 12 000.
• In addition: Test fees to Frumherji and cost of special driving course.