Starting your driver's training

You can start your driver training at age 16, and the driving license can be obtained at 17.


The student driver to be, or their parents/guardians, chooses a driving instructor and contacts them for information or any questions they may have.

Note that some driving instructors also offer lessons on vehicles with automatic transmission. Student drivers that take lessons on automatic transmission vehicles get a driving license that is restricted to only be valid to automatic transmission vehicles. For a student driver that struggles with clutch or gear change, for whatever reason, this may be a good choice.

Before you can start your driving lessons, you will need a learner's permit. Since a legal change in 2020, driving instructors are not allowed to give lessons to a student driver before they obtain their learner's permit.

The student driver applies for a learner's permit at "sýslumaður" (magistrate), by submitting an application for a driving license:

[Click here for the form to apply for a driving license]
Choose "Umsókn um ökuskírteini - nýr flokkur"

[Click here to see where your nearest sýslumaður (magistrate) is located]

Your application should include:
• A passport photo of you (35 x 45 mm)
• Decliration of health, an eyesight certificate and/or a health certificate (further instructions in Icelandic on the application form. Ask your driving instructor)

• Decliration of permanent ​residence/legal domicile in Iceland (signature on form)

• Confirmation that applicant does not have a valid certificate from another country within the European Economic Area, and has not had their driving license revoked in an EEA country (signature on form)

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the driver's training process.