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Driving Assessment

If you have a temporary driving license, you must complete a Driving Assessment before you apply for a permanent license.

In a Driving Assessment, the driver's assessment of their own skills, driving behaviour and traffic safety is tested against their actual skills.

The goal of a Driving Assessment is to make sure that the driver understands their own skills and capabilities when driving, in relation to traffic safety.

To do a Driving Assessment, a driver must:

• Have had no points on their license for the last 12 months.
• Contact a driving instructor (doesn't have to be your old one) and book a time for an assessment.

How is a Driving Assessment done?

• You fill out a self-assessment about your driving skills.
• You drive a short route, with your normal driving style.

• The driving instructor compares their assessment to yours and gives you feedback.

Then what?

• You bring the assessment from the driving instructor to Sýslumaður and fill out an application for a driver's license renewal (with extra paperwork if needed).

It's that simple!


You can choose to do the Driving Assessment on your own car. It needs to have full inspection and be in full working order.
Driving Assessment on your own car costs ISK 10 500.

Driving Assessment on a teaching vehicle (Kia Sportage, AWD, manual transmission) costs ISK 12 500. (Feb 2023)

Further information

To see information on Driving Assessments on the Icelandic Transport Authority's website, click here (translated via Google Translate).

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