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How much does a driving license cost?

Driving instructor:

Minimum 15 lessons (acc. to the law).

Each lesson ( 
ISK 12 500 (February 2023).

Expect 15-20 lessons.

Payment every 4th lesson unless otherwise agreed upon.

Student driver must have paid all lessons before driving test.

For a student driver under the age of 18, invoices will be addressed to a parent or a guardian.)

Rent of car for driving test: ISK 11 500.

Total: ISK 199 000 or more
(depending on number of lessons).

Driving evaluation for a permanent certificate ( ISK 12 500 on instructor's vehicle, ISK 10 500 on own vehicle (must be inspected, in order and clean).

(Driving evaluation takes place within three years of getting your first license.)

Driving schools:

Driving school 1: 
ISK 9 900 - 13 500
(depending on schools)

Driving school 2: 

ISK 8 900 - 13 500
(depending on schools)

Books: ISK  6 900 - 7 000.

​(depending on schools)

Driving school 3: 

ISK 45 000.

Total: ISK 63 800-79 000
(depending on schools).

Tests & certificates:

Theory test: ISK 4 640 

​(Frumherji, August 2022)

Practical test: ISK 12 580
(Frumherji, August 2022)

Temporary certificate
(and learner's permit):
 ISK 43

Permanent certificate: 

ISK 8600
(Sýslumaður, within 3 years of getting your first license)

Total: ISK 30 120

(Please note that you will need to pay for each attempt at the tests. Should you need more than one attempt, the cost will increase.)

For information on cost of changing your current license
(from another country) to an Icelandic one, please CLICK HERE.

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