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Changing your current license
to an Icelandic one

If you have had permanent residence in Iceland for 6 months, you can change your current driving license to an Icelandic one.

Drivers with driving license from an EEA country, Japan or UK:

• You can apply to Sýslumaður and get your license changed.
(More information: Click here.)

Drivers with driving license from other countries:

• You can apply to Sýslumaður to get your license changed.
• You must pass both the theory test and a practical driving test.
(More information:
Click here.)
• Once your application is processed, you can sign up for the theory test at
• Once the theory test is done, you team up with a driving instructor, as you will need their car to do the driving test.

• The driving instructor will want to meet you for a lesson, to help you prepare for the test (both the oral exam and the driving test itself).

What will we do in the lesson before the test?

• In the 60 minute preparation lesson, the process of the test will be explained, we will do a short practice test to see if there's anything that you need to keep in mind for the test, you will be given information on how to prepare for the oral exam, some Iceland-specific traffic rules will be explained and if you have any questions - I will do my best to answer them.


(as of February 2023)
The cost of your licence (paid to Sýslumaður when you hand in your application): ISK 8600.
(See here.)

If your license is not from an EEA country, Japan or the UK, these fees apply as well:

Test fee, theory test: ISK 4640.

Test fee, practical test: ISK 12 580.


60 minute preperation lesson with Ökutí ISK 16500.
Use of teaching vehicle from Ökutí in the driving test (includes pickup in the same town, and a short warm-up drive before the test): 
ISK 11500.

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